About Us

YolandiSince I can remember I, like most girls, used to dream of my wedding day…

A fairy tale where I was the princess, in a gorgeous white wedding dress, and my prince was a handsome young man that stole my heart…

The family wedding photos were above the piano so I would stand on the piano stool to get a better look at my Granny Rosie’s yellowed wedding photos.  Standing in awe, and in a dream world of my own, I could feel the soft satin, silk and lace on my skin.

All of this paved the way to my “one day” Wedding Day!

At BellaBride, we realise that your wedding day is not only a formality but it is the beginning of your “one day” dream come true.

This is the motivation behind our beautiful selection of exquisitely hand crafted, imported or custom-made wedding gowns. Our passion is helping you find the perfect fit.

Your journey with us

Your journey with us starts with an in depth, one on one, consultation about your big day.  Our trained consultants show you styles that are best suited to your body type. Each dress is ordered and made to your specific requirements so that you are absolutely comfortable and gorgeous on your wedding day.

We are excited to share our experience and expertise with every Bella Bride-To-Be that walks through the door.

For your Bella Bride experience, contact us today.

We look forward to journeying with you to create your dream day.

The Bella Bride KZN Team